Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET’s) provide a complete and versatile aircraft cabin simulation for emergency and safety training. CEET features typically include:

  • High fidelity simulated cabin with accurate dimensions

  • High fidelity, fully functional entry doors and overwing exits

  • Interior monument configuration based on customer’s desires

  • Flight Attendant stations

  • Functional PSU oxygen mask drop with auto-retract

  • Galley and lavatory simulations, with fire/smoke simulations

  • Visual and audio simulations



CEET functions and training scenarios are controlled from intuitive, instructor-friendly operating systems. The IOS can be a fixed station located in a lavatory or closet mockup, or, the CEET can be controlled from a wireless mobile device. The IOS controls fire/smoke simulations, cabin lighting, door and exit malfunctions, visual simulations, O2 mask drops and abnormal and emergency scenarios.


CEET’s can be installed at floor level, incorporating visually-simulated escape slides, or installed on elevated platforms which place the CEET at the aircraft’s operational height so that functional escape training slides can be used. CEETs can also be installed on positioning/motion systems for maximum realism. Wing stubs and poolside installation allow for the use of training rafts.