cabin interior

Newton Design’s Cabin Service Trainers are designed to provide a high-fidelity cabin environment for training cabin crew in the procedures and techniques utilized to provide passengers with food/beverage and general customer service. Our Cabin Service Trainers can include:

  • High fidelity, multiple cabin class passenger seating

  • Functional In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems

  • High fidelity galleys, configured per customer specifications

  • Lavatory mockups

  • Cabin lighting

  • Functional galley ovens, coffee makers, and other equipment

  • Functional overhead bins

  • Cabin Attendant stations

  • Camera/microphone systems for observation and post-training debrief

Customer color schemes and interior configurations are used to ensure that our Cabin Service Trainer interiors provide the most realistic cabin simulation possible.

full service galleys

Cabin Service Trainers can feature high-fidelity, fully-functional galleys with operational coffee makers, ovens, chillers, work lights, sinks, and drains. Galley simulations can be custom-configured to faithfully replicate the customers equipment, and include slots for galley supply containers, service carts, and functional cart latches and locking mechanisms. Simulated galley ovens provide training for oven fire/smoke scenarios, which includes functional galley equipment circuit breaker panels.

passenger seats

Newton Design has developed realistic, robust passenger seating for all cabin classes. The seats faithfully replicate the dimensions, appearance, and functionality of the aircraft seats, but the design and manufacture of the seats provides superior durability for use in the training environment when compared to actual aircraft equipment. Newton Design has experience with contemporary first and business class seating, which includes dividers, functional tray tables, and seat recline. Standard/Economy class seats include functional seat recline, movable armrests, and functional tray tables. Other realism-enhancing CST features include high-fidelity cabin lighting and functional seatback In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems.