Newton Design’s aircraft Door Trainers are fully functional, high fidelity simulations of actual aircraft doors. The Door Trainers match the operational characteristics of the aircraft equipment, and are designed to train cabin crew on the operation of the doors in normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions.

Our Door Trainers can simulate any malfunction scenario that cabin crews may experience, via an intuitive touchscreen Instructor Operator Station (IOS).  They are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of high volume training, and are calibrated to faithfully replicate the forces required to operate the aircraft door.

For aircraft with overwing exits, our Extended Door Trainers include the main entry door and the overwing exit in one modular training device.

Other training features can be added to both types of door trainer, including passenger seating, window visual simulations, overhead bins, passenger service units, and drop-down oxygen masks.


If you require a stand-alone overwing exit, galley service door, or mid-cabin exit training simulator, Newton Design can provide what you need. If your fleet includes the latest automatic-opening overwing exits (top hinge), dump-out doors (bottom hinge) or classic plug-type exits, we will utilize aircraft manufacturer data and/or actual exits removed from end-of-life aircraft to deliver a turnkey training solution. If desired, automatic-opening exit trainers can include an “auto close” feature, which greatly increases training efficiency and student throughput. Passenger seats, overhead bins, and window visual simulations can be added to enhance training realism.


Newton Design is experienced in the use of actual aircraft components (doors, exits, and entire fuselages) as the basis for simulation and training systems. We employ numerous certified airframe/powerplant mechanics on our staff, allowing us to perform the necessary modifications and updates required to convert airworthy components into training simulators. 

JetBridge Trainer

Newton Design developed a towable aircraft door mockup for use as a JetBridge Operator training device. This equipment allows JetBridge Operators to be trained in the proper procedures and techniques used when approaching the aircraft. Operator training is helpful in preventing damage to critical and expensive aircraft components when operating in close proximity to the aircraft. This includes delicate pitot/static system, temperature, and other air data-gathering probes.

Newton Design’s JetBridge Trainer features a simulated aircraft door and surrounding fuselage mounted to a height-adjustable elevating mechanism. The door surround includes sufficient area around the door for the JetBridge canopy to mate with the simulated aircraft without snagging on the door. The door mockup includes an aircraft-style operating handle and viewing window.

The door mockup can be positioned at various heights to replicate the door sill heights of narrow and wide body aircraft. When the trainer is being moved or stored, the mock fuselage/door is safely stowed at its lowest position (13’ 4” overall height), allowing ample overhead clearance when moving the trainer in congested airport ramp areas. The towable trailer features a wide wheel base for towing stability. Corner-mounted leveling jacks are deployed when using the trainer. This provides a level, stable platform, and transfers the weight of the training device off the wheels during use.